Air Masters - In defense of Air Master Services

Houston, Texas 1 comment

I am totally at odds with the way the viewing display and continuing appearance of long past complaints may be affecting a diligent and hard-working businessman, who in my experience, has always placed himself in a position to help and provide any need necessary to his customer, including a very professional approach and manner.In addition to expressing extra care for the customer, Sam is proven himself consummate in providing a sound trust in his word and promise.

I would encourage anyone who requires their services to contact Sam.

He will accomplish that critical task to your complete satisfaction.

They are a stand-behind company in the utmost degree!Andrew Brentara



Never heard of them.

Air Masters - The damage continues after the greivience is satisfied...Lets be Fair to the Business

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Even after the Air Masters was responsive to solve the customer's problem, the complaint viewing, when customer's pull up his web site, is still showing like it continues or is unresolved.Whats the deal with being fair and right, not to say more hurtful than right can find excuse to exist further in this case.

I have be come an advocate/customer of Air Master just to stand in the gap of defense and understanding.I would like to see the Viewing to reflect the change or be put in a file that does not continue to hurt his business advertisement by being unfair.

Air masters services

Dallas, Texas 2 comments

Air Masters has been a life saver for me for the last five years.I will only allow this company to service my heater and air conditioner.

I've never been over priced like other companies. Service was always friendly and professional. I was alway shown the part that was broken or replaced. I can always count on Air Masters good service.

And I am an African American woman and never have felt any racial bias or stigma against me. I was just another costomer. All the technicians were friendly and respectful.

They did their job and the results were always very good.I would reccommend Air Masters Services to my family or friends.

Review about: Air Conditioning Service.


Houston, Texas, United States #709226

I recently had my air conditioning completely quit on me a few days ago late at night.I called Airmaster remembering from a previous call that they are 24 hours.

I was serviced within the hour and the pricing was extremely fair.

This is the only company I want to service my home and they are trustworthy and reliable.I recommend them anytime I hear anyone needing their AC fixed


Nice try "anonymous." Who do you think is going to believe this? If you are reading this looking for A/C repair work, better do your homework and see what REAL customers had to say. Then call someone else.

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